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About Character Counter

Character Counter / Letter Counter is a free online tool to calculate the character count, letter count, (unique) word count in a text.

How to use the Character counter?

You can just paste the text inside the character counter and will real-time calculate the numbers of characters and letters. You can also just type your text in the textarea and the tool will count characters, letters, words and paragraphs.

Character Count

Character count or letter count is the number of characters in a text. A character can be a letter, symbol or number.

Character Count Tool

Character Count Tool is mostly used for text writers, marketeers and content editors to count the number of characters in a text which they are writing for a client, social media and advertisement. In text writing there is often a character limit whereby the text can't be longer the an x amount of characters or letters.

A Online Character Count tool can help them counting characters very quickly and real-time, so they don't have to worry about having to many characters, letters or words in a text.

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