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About Online Dice Roller

Online Dice Roller is an online tool to roll one or multiple virtual dice where you can choose the number of sides.

How to use Online Dice Roller?

Using this virtual die roller is simple and similar to using the physical die. You just follow the steps below:

  • Decide the number of online dice that you would like to roll

    With this tool, you have the opportunity to select whatever number you would prefer for each roll. Players can choose numbers between 1 to 10 or even more. Even rolling 100 dice at the same time is possible.

  • Choose the number of sides for each die

    The second step is to decide the number of sides for the dice. Most dice have 6 sides although players have the option of choosing those with sides between 2 to 9. The number of sides for each die should be based on the specific game that you want to play. It is imperative to note that some games may require more sides to play than others may require.

  • To play, simply roll the virtual die by pressing the 'roll dice' button.

    Anyone can use the online virtual die because all he or she needs to do is just press a button. Once the player has pressed the button, the display of randomly selected dice and their number will be shown. To show the results of previous games, all you will need to do is roll again.

  • To throw new dices with the online dice roller, simply throw again by pressing the 'roll again' button.

What you need to know about Online Dice Roller?

This online die roller tool allows players to roll the die just as they would with a physical die. The virtual die game works by allowing players to see the whole sides of the die while ensuring that the die results are unpredictable. The virtual die has similar characteristics to a real die, including being a cube. Like a real die, the virtual die also has six sides numbered 1 to 6 represented by bullets. Dice are vital when it comes to gaming tool because they are central to several board games such as Yahtzee for gambling or selecting random numbers. The functionalities of a die roller are numerous because it can fit into whatever gaming landscape that you need. The virtual die roller can also be used anywhere and everywhere since it replaces the real die roller.

How many times can one roll using the online virtual dice?

Unlike using the physical die that could limit the number of roll-ups at a particular time, the virtual tool allows you to make up to 12 rolls at a go. This is more convenient and efficient as compared to the traditional dice.

How many sides do the virtual dice have?

If you are used to the traditional die, you will be surprised by what the online die can offer. Based on your preference, you can decide to use the traditional six-sided die or choose a custom die that could have the sides that you prefer up to a maximum of nine sides.

How much will I pay for the virtual online dice?

If you are wondering what it would cost you to start using the online dice, do not panic because you won't have to pay for it. The virtual dice is available free of charge online and you can use it whenever you want. All you need is to visit the website and use it. The dice roller tool can be accessed and used from anywhere in the globe and as many times as users would prefer without any limitations.

Dice, Dices, or Dies?

Another commonly asked question by those who visit our website is the correct form of the term dice. It is important to note that the term 'Dice' is in the plural and its singular form is 'Die'. The term 'Dices' is grammatically wrong, although it is a common phrase for those who play games with the help of the dice.