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About Facebook Comment Picker

Facebook Comment Picker is a free online tool where you can pick one or multiple winner for your Facebook giveaway, contests, promotions or sweepstakes based on the comments of your Facebook post.

How to use the Facebook Comment Picker app?

  • Login with Facebook using the Facebook login button. If you don't see the login button or nothing happens if you click on it, please make sure you are not using any ad-blocker, do not track function or extension that could block the Facebook script from loading. Also, make sure pop-ups are not blocked in the browser.
  • In the Facebook login pop-up you have to allow the following permission: "Manage your pages" (we don't post to Facebook). Check if the content above why we need this and what you allow us. After a successfully login, we will get the Facebook pages that you allowed us.
  • Select your Facebook page which includes the posts that you want to use for the raffle in the select options. After selecting the page, we will get the posts of this page.
  • Select your Facebook post in the select options where you want us to get the comments from. After your selection, we will load all the comments of this post. In case you have thousands of comments this could take a while. Please be patient and wait until you see "Amount of comments" instead of "Loading comments".
  • After loading all comments, you could optionally select some extra comment options. Include replies are comments that are comment on another comment, by default we don't include it. Filter duplicate will filter out comment from Facebook users based on their Facebook user ID. Number of friends tagged/mentioned means that inside a comment minimum amount of mentions should be included (could also be more than this number). It's also possible to filter comments on a specific answer, check the option and enter the exact text that should be included in a comment. This could be really useful for a "guess and win contest". You can also exclude comments that are posted after a certain date, which can be useful when the Facebook raffle is done after the contest is already closed.
  • You are almost there. You could optionally choose some extra draw options if you want multiple winners and if you choose multiple winners you can choose if you want to allow a name to be picked more than once. Let us know if you want more options in the Facebook Random Comment Picker! =)
  • Time to start the raffle. Pick one or multiple winners for your raffle by clicking the start button. We will randomly select the winner(s) for your contest. We will show the date, winner name and comment. You can click on the name of the winner to go the comment on Facebook and check if the user complied with all the rules of the contest. You could optionally share the results via Facebook or make a screenshot yourself. It would be nice if you mention our tool if you announce the winner (if you like our free tool).
  • Want to choose new winners? Quickly choose multiple winner with the pick new winner(s) button.

What is the price of Facebook Random Comment Picker?

Unlike many other apps online which are used to pick a winner for your Facebook contest our tool is 100% free and can be used unlimited times with unlimited amount of comments. How is it possible that your tool is free? We are showing advertisements to cover the costs of developing this awesome tool.

How do you choose a winner for our raffle?

First of all we get all the comments of the Facebook post that you choose in the post selection list. After that we get the replies if you enable the 'include replies' option. We check if we should remove duplicate names/commenters based on the user ID. Then we filter the comments based on the number of friends tagged/mentioned. From the filtered comments we select one or multiple winners with the method Math.random() which is a function that gets a random number. The method can't be manipulated, so the tool is 100% fair (so don't ask us to manipulate a raffle...)

Why do you need to manage my Facebook pages? What does this mean?

Don't worry, we can't actually really manage your Facebook pages. With this permission we can't change any settings or post anything to one of your Facebook pages. This permission allows us to get an access token of your page which we can use to get the names of your pages, the posts that you posted and the comment/commenters of the Facebook posts. Before Facebook allows us to ask you for this permission we been through an app review where Facebook is checking our Comment Picker app and approved or declines us to use this permission. If you want more info about this permission, please go to the Facebook docs and search for "manage_pages" permission (or ask us for more info).

Can I customize Facebook raffle results with a logo or text?

Yes, we added a new feature that you can customize the Facebook contest results with a title, intro text and a logo! Check the "Add contest information to results" option inside the form and enter your custom Facebook raffle information. The image should be a link to an online image which should be one of the following format: jpg, jpeg, png, svg or gif.

Are you storing any data? Or even worse: selling my data?

Again, don't worry. Did you know we don't even have a database connected to this website? The website is 100% client side which means everything happens in your local browser. Close the browser and the data is gone. What do we store? We store an access token in your browser which we using to improve the user experience, so you can use the Facebook Comment Picker easier and faster. We also using Google Analytics to store non personal data which we use to optimize the Facebook raffle tool. And about selling data: no we don't do this. This is totally not interested for us and we don't even have access to so many data that someone would be interested. Other questions about data? Please let us know!

Is Facebook Comment picker supporting FB groups or personal profiles?

We don't support Facebook (public) groups or personal profiles. Facebook groups needs additional permissions which we don't have and can't get unfortunately. Since all the changes in Facebook privacy we also don't have permissions anymore to get posts and comments from personal profiles. Facebook Comment Picker only supports Facebook pages.

How do I remove access/permissions from Facebook Comment Picker app?

There are two ways to revoke the access from our tool. The first way is to click the logout button on our website, this button will be shown after logging in. This will delete the access token from your browser and remove the permissions that you allowed before. The second way is via the Facebook website. Open Facebook in your browser or app and go to your Facebook settings. Navigate to 'Apps and Websites' and search for 'Comment Picker'. Select the app and click the remove app button.