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About Flip a Coin

Coin flipper is an online tool to flip a virtual coin to toss heads or tails.

Why do you have to flip a coin? Coin Flipper is beneficial in circumstances where you do not have a coin physically and require to make a decision quickly. This is one of the tools you will require one day. That's why we developed this tool to make your life easier.

Coin Flipping

Coin flipping is tossing a coin to the air and checking whether its outcome is a head or tail. You can flip a coin to make a quick decision, or make use of it when playing a game. In soccer it is used by referees to make decisions on the team to commence with or who gets the last bit of food.

How to use the Coin Flipper?

It's very easy to do a coin toss online with our flip a coin app:

  • Select the number of coin flips that you want to do. You can select up to 100 coins to toss between heads and tails.
  • Start the coin flipper by pressing the button "Flip coin(s)".
  • Tip: Use the flip again button below the result to quickly flip new coins". Will it be heads or tails?

History of Coin Flipping

Heads or Tails has a thrilling and varied history. For centuries the flip a coin game has been used to determine who goes to prison or not, for others it is the result of life or death. History books would be a little different without the effect of simple gambling. The chronological basis of the game is the explanation of the random outcome of a coin toss as a manifestation of the sacred or divine.

In prehistoric China, this game was referred to as a head or a ship. The coins were Elean's head on one side and a ship on the other. The game was originally called Pile and Cross in England. The term head or tail comes from the head and tail, which are considered additional body parts.

The earliest recognized attribute of a head or tail game is from 600-527 BC in prehistoric Greece. This game was called Ostrakinda or The Shell Game. Plato could give a hint by stating Ostrakinda in a similar context as the ascent and replacing the darkness of the soul with bright light.

How Flip a Coin Works in Real Life

Coin tossing, flip a coin, a head or a tail, there are many different terms used for this game. In reality, a coin can land on the edge of a coin. Individuals use coin flipping in many ways. Before a coin toss, both say whether they take tails or heads. Some toss a coin up and catch it with one hand. Then they place it on the back of the hand. The side you see above is the one that wins.

Others just throw it and let it fall on the ground. Some individuals allow the coinage to spin. These days we have virtual coin flippers. Millions of people around the world use coin-tossing every day. Also, millions of people use online coin flipping tool every day. That is why we developed this simple and fast coin toss tool. You can toss coins as many times as you like.

Throwing coins is also an easy, honest, and impartial way to resolve disputes or choose from several options. The game is carefully analyzed and offers both parties the same chance of winning. This requires little effort and prevents the further development of disputes, possibly in combat.

Coin Tossing in Sports

Flip a coin has a long history in sports. Athletes meet in various sports to toss a coin during or before a game. Important coin tossing has occurred over the years. The results and successes of various sports from the World Cup to the Super Bowl couldn't avoid a terrible coin toss! A coin flip is usually used to determine any factor.