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First enter your list of items and click the "pick a random item" button to select a random item.

About Random Picker

With our Online Random Picker tool you can quickly pick a random item, thing, number, name from a list of items. You can choose how many random items you want to pick. This tool can be used for free without any limits.

You can use this tool for:

  • Selecting a random letter.
  • Choosing a random number.
  • Picking a random student.
  • Choosing a random task.
  • Drawing a random price.
  • Picking random winner for contest.
  • Choose what you will drink.
  • Pick a random dinner.

Where a you using a online random picker tool for?

How to use the online random picker tool?

  • Enter your list of items in our tool by newline or comma separated.
  • Select how many items you want to be randomly selected.
  • Select all settings to pick unique items, remove items after they are chosen and if you want to filter duplicate items.
  • Choose 'Pick random item' to choose a random item.

How fair is Random Picker?

Our Random Picker tool is 100% valid and fair to use. We selecting the winner from the list of items randomly using Javascript function Math.random(). Each raffle that you do is completely random and can't be manipulated.

How much items can our random winner picker handle?

Our tool can handle almost unlimited amount of items. We tested our tool with more then 1 million items and it still works fine. However it can become slow in some browsers with that many items =).